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SureChem Industries
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SureChem Industries
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Acidic Cleaners Corrosion Preventative Degreasers Decarbonisers
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Bacterial Products Miscellaneous

Aluminium Cleaner Corrosion remover and brightener for aluminium. 20L & 200L
Metal Brightener Bleeding rust remover, safe on painted surfaces 20L & 200L
Limeclean Specifically formulated for removing cement from mixer bodies, safe on painted surfaces. 20L & 200L
Ardrox 1212 Inhibited cleaner for aluminium and stainless steel. Suitable for use on mirror finished aluminium. 20L & 200L
Ardrox 1218 Inhibited rust and scale remover. Passivates against subsequent re-rusting 20L & 200L
Leeder 168D Mildly acidic wipe down solvent and etchant. Ideal for pretreating aluminium prior to painting. 20L & 200L

Ardrox 3107 Water displacing fluid, temporary corrosion inhibitor for the protection of low voltage circuitry 5L,20L,200L & aerosol
Ardrox 3961 Water displacing fluid and penetrating fluid, temporary corrosion inhibitor after chemical processing 5L,20L,200L & aerosol
Ardrox 3322 Long term corrosion inhibitor, waxy type affords protection in the most corrosive environments 5L,20L,200L & aerosol
Gamrinse 379 Rinse water additive, affords corrosion inhibition for interstage components 20L & 200L

DEGREASERS     [top]
Ardrox 6114M Quick break concentrate dilute with kerosene 8:1 20L & 200L
Ardrox 6116 Quick Break Solvent degreaser used as supplied 20L & 200L
Ardrox 6421 Highly concentrated quick break, water based degreaser. Effective at low concentrations 20L & 200L
Gamlen Gamosol Heavy duty solvent type degreaser used as supplied 20L & 200L
Gamlen CA1 Powerful penetrating, water based degreaser. For application by brush or spray 20L & 200L
Gamlen Seaclean Heavy duty solvent based bilge cleaner/degreaser 20L & 200L
Ardrox 67 Low foaming powdered degreaser for use in spray washing machines 25kg & 200kg

Gamstrip CT Economical cold immersion paint and carbon remover.(Safe on all metals) 20L & 200L
Gamstrip NPH Environmentally friendly paint and carbon remover. Requires heating (Safe on all metals) 20L & 200L
Stripclean HD Hot Tank carbon, paint and rust remover. Powdered product used at 85° C (ferrous metals only) 20kg & 200kg
Gamlen 3013 Water based decarboniser used hot by immersion or spray.(safe on all metals) 20kg & 200kg
Ardrox 2314 (patented)
Environmentally friendly paint stripper and carbon immersion or in a spray washing machine(safe on all metals)
20L & 200L
Ardrox 6325 Water based carbon remover used by immersion 20L & 200L

Gamlen Shoresolve Water based hard surface cleaner incorporating a powerful solvent system. 20L & 200L
Gamlen Supaclean Concentrated, water based all purpose degreaser and rig wash concentrate. 20L & 200L
Ardrox 6427 Spray on/ wipe off detergent concentrate. Suitable for use on upholstery and soft furnishings. 20L & 200L
Ardrox 6306 Pine scented detergent concentrate floor cleaner. 20L & 200L
Leeder 1900B Gel type exterior cleaner/degreaser. Very effective for the removal of all traffic soils and exhaust staining 20L & 200L
Gamlen GA 410 Liquid detergent germicide concentrate. 20L & 200L

Ardrox 20 Powerful gel type paint and lacquer remover safe on wooden components 5L, 20L & 200L
Ardrox 2526 Gel type stripper removal of two pack polyurethane schemes 5L, 20L & 200L
Ardrox 2468 Heavy duty immersion type stripper 22.5L & 200L
Ardrox 266 Immersion paint stripper, also removes carbon. 20L & 200L
Ardrox 2106R Application stripper non-phenolic 20L & 200L
Ardrox 2314 Environmentally friendly stripper used by immersion or in a spray cabinet 20L & 200L

Solvent 267 Fast evaporating non-flammable solvent cleaner 5L,20L & 200L
Solvent 268 Medium evaporating non-flammable solvent cleaner 5L,20L & 200L
Solvent 260 Slow evaporating non-flammable solvent cleaner 20L & 200L
Ardrox 9PR50C Fast evaporating solvent cleaner suitable for delicate components and electrical equipment.Safe on plastics. 20L & aerosol

Ardrox 907PB Process(3 part system) Highly sensitive red dye penetrant system (red dye, remover/precleaner & developer) Aerosol, 5L, 20L & 200L
Ardrox 800/3 Process Black magnetic ink system. IncludesMagnetic ink, white background lacquer & cleaner Aerosol, 5L, 20L & 200L

Ardrox 6120 AMSA approved oil spill dispersant water based 20L & 200L
Ardrox 9WS Water soluble fluorescent tracer dye developed for detecting leaks in water borne systems and hydrostatic testing, fluoresces green under UV light. 5L & 20L
Gamafloc A Liquid developed for clarifying oil in water emulsions and reducing suspended solids in waste waters. 20L & 200L
Bichem Range Selectively adapted bacteria, which assist the biodegradation of a wide range of industrial wastes, including hydrocarbons and contaminated soils and groundwater. On request
Bi Chem 300LX Selectively Adapted Bacteria for the degradation of organic waste and the reduction of odours. 5kg, 10kg , & 22.7kg

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SureChem Industries
A Chemetall Company SureChem Industries
A Chemetall Company SureChem Industries
A Chemetall Company
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